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Sep 18, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. ask the people in indiana. we use a toll road right now. where did that money go? into the toll road? no. meanwhile, investors have changed over. the tolls are going through the roof. if you ask the users out there, it is a different story. this may be goes back to the issue that the money is put into the infrastructure, it works. do not get me wrong. good government purposes, that is a whole different story. that reflects our perspective of user-financed, user-pay systems. >> i wrote for "national journal," and i believe it was from your staff, but i believe we were talking about the real problem in these partnerships is that you have a very big investors coming in and dealing with local governments, who are not very sophisticated. i think one of the things that he is trying to do on his staff is come up with a way they can equalize this a little bit, and the only other thing i would make as a point, i was provided with a statistic, which is that only 24 states and the district of columbia have used public- private partnerships, and most of those occurred in only eight states. it wo
Sep 4, 2011 10:30am EDT
and crannies of american history. >> on october the 21st, i see it the name wendell willkie, a man from indiana. a one worlder. what did that mean? >> he would not be a conservative republican today, would he? >> he was not a conservative republican back then. >> he was a corporate republican and he was engaged in a national debate -- we use the phrase class warfare now. class warfare now. republicans use it pejoratively when democrats talk, but that is what it was, class warfare. wendell willkie was born on a farm and roosevelt was born to a grand family, and they never saw the irony of what defended. >> what did he look like? >> what did he look like? >> he looked like a bear. he was a great big, larger than life, rumpled figure, who nevertheless had an aura, a charisma. one person famously said that his candidacy, which spun out of nowhere, a seemingly -- nowhere, a seemingly -- >> that he had never had a job. >> that he had never had a job. >> he was a jeffersonian democrat until the new deal. he said that his candidacy sprung from the grassroots of every country club in america. there has
Sep 4, 2011 2:00pm EDT
or wherever, but you're dealing with people who might be in indiana or somewhere else in this country. how you deal with it? we're learning as we go. we have to increase our communications with the islamic communities in this country. some places, john, i think in your city, you have done quite an excellent job of the nypd developing contacts with the islamic communities in new york city. in mind state of indiana, we have islamic groups and i do not think we have done nearly as good a job as new york city has done, but smaller in scope. what this problem is very local. it means you have to have contact with the leaders of the islamic communities who are the people who can identify suspected radicals within their community. it is a problem that the federal government clearly has to deal with and be helpful on. but the real action is that the state and local levels to identify the people and try to head the mob. in chapter 12 of the commission's report is on the whole question of what to do about islam and the foreign policy measures which are largely ignored in their reporting on the report. bu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3